Kelly's CEO

“We believe that a thriving, liquid and accessible private market is better for everyone.
We’re on a mission to help create better access for the world’s investors to the largest and most
innovative private companies.”

signature - Kelly Rodriques, CEO of Forge Global


At Forge, we know the future is a real place waiting there ahead of us. But it’s up to us to determine what it will look like. We are committed— from our choice of facilities, to our workplace policies, to our paperless and eco-conscious work practices and volunteering efforts, to ensuring that this future we want more people to own is one where we all want to be.

Social Impact

People are central to everything we do. Whether through education of the market, fighting for greater access to liquidity no matter what your circumstances, or investing in our own people here at Forge, it’s the foundation of what it means to empower.


Forge’s governance structure emphasizes our commitment to transparency, as Forge maintains a
diverse board of directors and management team with formal committees. Our Board leverages their
diverse expertise to uphold the highest compliance standards for all stakeholders.