Debra Chrapaty

Debra Chrapaty, DIRECTOR

Debra Chrapaty is the Chief Technology Officer of Toast, the restaurant technology and end-to-end cloud platform company. Ms. Chrapaty brings decades of experience in large-scale technical infrastructure, cloud, operations management, and product management for many brands, including the National Basketball Association (as CTO), E*TRADE (as CIO), Microsoft (as corporate VP of Infrastructure and Cloud), CISCO (as SVP of Collaboration Software), and ZYNGA (as CIO). Most recently, Ms. Chrapaty served as the CTO of Wells Fargo, building services stability, scalability, developer productivity, speed, security, and compliance for the nation’s fourth-largest bank. As the VP and COO of Amazon Alexa, she led product growth and monetization, third-party skills and devices, and international product expansion. Throughout her career Ms. Chrapaty has been a valued board member and advisor for many well-known companies. She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Temple University and an MBA in Information Systems from New York University’s Stern School of Business.